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At this time, Veteran Business Bonds are not available for purchase or investment due to site maintenance. Bonds held by current investors continue to earn 5% annual interest and those investors are able to log in to access their accounts.

How Veteran Business Bonds Work

Your Bonds will keep earning 5% interest for three years from their date of issuance.

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3 Your Bonds will keep earning 5% interest for three years from their date of issuance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veteran Business Bonds are not available to residents of AL, AZ, CA, FL, Guam, ID, KY, MD, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, TX, Virgin Islands, WA, and WI. Veteran Business Bonds are available in all other states and US Territories. You do not have to be affiliated with the military or a veteran to purchase Veteran Business Bonds.

You may purchase Veteran Business Bonds in increments of $25, starting at $25.


Accredited and institutional investors may invest more than $10,000. Click here to learn more.

You begin earning interest within seven days after of your Veteran Business Bond purchase, after your funds clear the banking system.

Your money goes to fund great American small businesses who fund with StreetShares. It helps them grow and succeed as entrepreneurs. Your money does not go directly to the small businesses. Your money funds a pool of capital. StreetShares, in turn, lends that capital out, along with institutional capital and capital from its own balance sheet, to military veteran-owned businesses and other main street business owners.

Interest is fixed for the term of the bond and is currently 5%. Interest is subject to change. Interest rate changes will be
posted on the StreetShares’ website and will be identified in an amendment or supplement to the Company’s Form 1-A on the SEC

Yes. StreetShares has qualified with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) for a Regulation A offering of Veteran Business Bonds (“StreetShares Notes”). The only offering to sell securities is found in the Company’s Form 1-A and amendments and supplements thereto (the “Offering Statement”) which can be obtained from the SEC EDGAR filing website. No decision to invest in StreetShares Notes should be made without reading the Offering Statement, including the risks identified in the Offering
Statement. Neither the SEC nor any state securities regulator has passed upon or endorsed the merits of any investment decision in StreetShares.

No. StreetShares is a funding community, not a bank. FDIC insurance only applies to banks. Please review our Form 1-A for more information on investing with StreetShares.