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Since 2014.

About Us

Atlas: Our Journey

2014-2016: We began as a mission-based digital lender funding military veteran-owned small businesses nationwide and deployed our first generation underwriting technology and digital scoring.


We expanded our capabilities to fund small business owners with referral partnerships from community lenders; our team proudly served as an industry leader with low loss rates from our second and third generations of underwriting technology.

2018-2020: We collaborated with Banks & Credit Unions to serve their small business business customers and members. This project resulted in the launch of Atlas -- a digital business banker application marketplace. Our direct small business lending surpassed $200M prior to us ending direct lending in order to focus on helping community lenders serve small businesses using Atlas.

COVID Response:

2020-Present: Atlas expanded to help community lenders with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) lending and forgiveness. With over $4B of PPP loans processed for over 160 clients, Atlas became one of the nation’s largest PPP lending solutions. In addition to PPP, Atlas provides community lenders across the U.S. with state-of-the-art business lending capabilities to include business loans, business lines of credit,and beyond.

Our Mission

Trusted digital finance for America's heroes.

Our Vision

Community lenders are mission-oriented to serve their communities. To fulfill our original mission, we empower the nation’s community lenders to serve small business owners with Atlas.

Atlas levels the playing field so that community lenders can offer the same all-digital financial services that both big banks and Fin-Techs either build or buy.

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20 years of Fintech SaaS and business banking expertise.

Mark Rockefeller, C.E.O. StreetShares

Mark L. Rockefeller

CEO / Co-Founder

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Mickey Konson

President / Co-Founder

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Mohan Rao

Chief Product & Tech

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Lauren McKelvey

General Counsel

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Chief Revenue Officer

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Steve Vickrey

Chief Financial Officer